I suppose that I am a writer because I write. But I like to think of myself as an observer who just has to say something about his observations. I observe our culture at large, but also the Christian community—the two realms in which I live. I look at most things from a different angle, which should make them provocative, and with a twist of humor, which should make them enjoyable.

But enough of my intentions. Let’s talk about me.

I have pursued various careers throughout my life: dishwasher, bag boy, military, and civil service. I persevered in the last two long enough to retire from each. This has allowed me the leisure to write full time now.

I will omit my career as a scholar, as I can recall nothing to brag about. I would rather mention my honorary degrees, which is my preferred way to earn diplomas—without working for them. But as these have not been awarded yet, here too I will remain silent.

One more thing—not that I’m bitter. I have been expecting more recognition for my writing, especially for my latest book Buy A Cabin. I was a little disappointed for not receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature, but those Swedes are pretty political about it. More distressing is that I was not awarded a Pulitzer. I am sure this is due to their bias against largely unknown and mostly unread authors.